Saturday, June 07, 2008

The National D-Day Memorial

Remember those who sacrificed so we could live free.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ahmadinejad says Israel will soon disappear

Though having been called either a "Zionist" or a "Zionist tool" before -not because I write a lot on Israel or take Israel's side all the time on the whole conflict with the the Middle East in general or the Palestinians in particular- but simply it would seem because of a principle I have which is pretty intrinsic to my outlook on life in general{1}- it seems appropriate to address it briefly in lieu of this link being given attention by your host.

The reason for this link is not only what Ahmadinejad himself says in it (and says often) but what Senator Barack Hussein Obama has said he intends to do with the Iranian president. He wants to have a sit down and try and reason with Ahmadinejad and not a few are claiming this shows statesman-like qualities by the junior senator from Illinois. Pardon those of us who see something completely different from what Obama's supporters would claim on this matter.

For folks, can we can simply sit down and talk with someone such as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and expect to see any actual hope of progress??? I ask this because Ahmadinejad is the fella that Senator Obama says he would "sit down with" should he be elected president. What could he possibly gain from such a gesture??? It is profoundly naive to believe that you can get anywhere positive with someone who wants to see you dead.

Whatever one might say about Sen. Clinton being president{2} one thing is for sure: she would not be this naive. I really hope voters can get through his eloquent speaking style and see just how dangerous giving credibility to the leader of a nation that sponsors terrorism really is. Whatever problems one might have with Sen. McCain -and I have noted a few on this weblog in recent months that I have{3}- his unwillingness to do what Sen. Obama suggests is a huge feather in his cap.


{1} I do not actually (hardly at all). However, I do take a very simple approach to the subject of Israel: they would be foolish to play nice with people who wish to see them destroyed. That does not mean progress cannot be made but enemies who vow your death should renounce such views and demonstrate that they take those renunciations seriously or else to hell with them.

{2} And Lord knows I have said many times I could not support her for president.

{3} Click on the tag labeled "John McCain" on this post for details on this.

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Points to Ponder:

Barack Hussein Obama just resigned his family from their church of twenty years.

It took two decades for the man to realize he didn't want to be associated with the people he had associated with for two decades.

How long would it take President Barack Hussein Obama to figure out the difference between America's friends and enemies across the globe? [Lane Core Jr. (circa June 1, 2008)]

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