Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Obama's healthcare horror (Camille Paglia)

Essentially, when my favourite liberal lesbian feminist calls for Pelosi's head, you KNOW there is "Big Trouble in Little China" on the Obamacare front.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ultra Briefly on President Obama's Latest Town Hall on Health Care "Reform":

To quote my own words from about an hour ago in another publishing medium:

[I] will now summarize Obama's town you do not have to watch it: (1) Its Bush's fault (2) We will expand coverage and not cut benefits while cutting costs basically suspending the laws of economics and logic: yes we can!!! (3) You will not lose your doctor and this is a good plan but do not expect me or congress to want it for ourselves (4) Your taxes will not go up, see point 2...

There, I just saved you an hour of your life and at least ten IQ points!!!

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Astroturfers offered $10-15 an hour to demonstrate for Dems

Gee Nancy Pelosi (Madame Speaker of the Botox), who are the REAL "Astroturfers" hmmmmmm???

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Public is Resisting Obama's Liberal Agenda (Victor Davis Hanson)

The following excerpt highlights the substance of the column in a nutshell:

Why does President Obama want to implement all at once radical changes in American foreign policy, environmental policy, education, health care and the tax code? The answer is easy: If he does not achieve these initiatives soon, he never will.


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