Sunday, August 30, 2009

George W. Bush-by-Proxy Syndrome

It is interesting to think of the apparently "leaderless GOP" possibly being a tactic the GOP is using to combat Obama's and Rahm Emmanuel's Alinsky approach{1} to politics by denying them a figure to freeze and polarize as the textbook dictates.{2} If they have planned it this way than it is a clever ploy but I am suspecting it is more dumb luck than anything{3} unless and until the contrary is reasonably demonstrated to me.


{1} On President Barack Obama's Political Mentor (circa February 28, 2009)

{2} President Barack Obama's Mentor on Mass Organizing Tactics (circa March 14, 2009)

{3} Lets just say the Republicans do not have a track record in recent years of being the sharpest tools in the shed when it comes to political strategery.

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filled with hypocrites who
preach yet practice not
[Written just now]

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Obama Appoints Self G.O.D. (Gov'ntal Overall Director)

This is equal parts funny and spooky.

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