Saturday, September 19, 2009

What's Happening to Women's Happiness?

While an interesting article, this is not that difficult to explain in my mind. Basically, women were deceived into thinking they could "have it all" by various feminist sorts and the fact is, that is and always has been a myth. More could be noted and I may very well expand on this at length at some point in the future. However, at the moment that is all I have time to say on this matter except of course that my posting of an article from the "Huff and Puff Post" does not constitute any sort of general endorsement of them as a source.

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Did He Lie?

As usual, Charles "in Charge" Krauthammer puts forth a fine article -this one examining the Obama claims from his joint session speech on September 9th.

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Cap and Trade Will Cost $1,761 Per Family: US Treasury Dept

Gee, those who were claiming that it it would only cost "pennies a day" and were blasting the Heritage Foundation's $3,000 per family estimate as "grossly excessive" should apologize for their lies and shut their pie holes. They have no credibility whatsoever on this issue anymore. Considering how cap and trade barely made it through the House back in June, the subsequent revelation of the EPA suppressing a critical review by one of their analyists coupled with the fact that this cap and trade revelation from the Treasury Department was known to the Obama administration back in March: the combination of these two developments should suffice to kill crap and tax cap and trade in the Senate.

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shared burdens better
unburdening you of cash
your caring gov'ment
[Written on 11/21/08]

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New Government Policy Imposes Strict Standards on Garage Sales Nationwide

I will have to tell my mother the next time she does one of her big garage sales that she needs to police what she sells lest she be fined for selling any used toys from friends of hers that are on some government book list of things you are "not allowed to sell" now. Gee, how would any of us ever be able to live and avoid "running with scissors" if not for the "benevolent hand" of Leviathan watching over us all???

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What Happened to the Anti-War Movement? (Byron York)

Whatever one might say about Cindy Sheehan, she is at least consistent. For that reason, though I disagree with her on her views, I do respect that she has shown principle in her anti-war stance unlike so many others who were louder than Fourth of July fireworks when President George W. Bush was in office but who are now as silent as a whore in church with President Barack H. Obama in the White House.

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