Friday, June 09, 2017

To Briefly Address Both American Political Extremes:

Note to the #BlueKoolAidBrigade:

Attempting to prove President Trump lacks competence, lies, or is an asshole does not rise to the level of obstruction of justice or any other crime.

Note to the #RedKoolAidBrigade:

Attempting to prove President Trump did not engage in obstruction of justice or any other crime does not disprove claims that Mr. Trump lacks competence, is a proven liar, or is an asshole. (Nor does it prove such things either.)

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Theresa May must go - and go now

Theresa May's idea for holding an election unnecessarily right before major talks on one of the biggest issues in Britain today (Brexit) is in the words of Blackadder "[the] worst idea since someone said ‘yeah let’s take this suspiciously large wooden horse into Troy, statues are all the rage this season’.”

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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Points to Ponder:

"Few things annoy me more in the economic sphere than giant businesses which seek to use the law to crush their smaller competitors. The law is supposed to provide justice for all and that does not happen when you have larger groups connected in various ways with government agencies which use the law as an instrument of their perverse plunder.

My general philosophy with buying anything is to go with smaller business over larger business whenever its reasonably feasible to do so and folks who want to do that should have the freedom to do so if they choose." [Shawn McElhinney (circa June 6, 2013)]

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Headdesk: GA-06 Candidate Says She “Does Not Support A Livable Wage”

When you fight an enemy on their own chosen turf, this is what happens!

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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

"One From The Vault" Dept.

 I am re-posting at this time the link to an expository musing from eight years ago. Without further ado:

On D-Day and Writing Photographs (circa June 6, 2009)

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Norm Macdonald on Why He’s Tired of Trump Satire and the Joke He’ll Never Tell Again

I am not sure if its good or bad but I relate a lot to what Norm Macdonald says in this interview on the political stuff.

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Imams refuse to give Islamic burials for London attackers in 'unprecedented move'

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