Saturday, May 24, 2008

I did not figure on posting anything additional today but this thread is in the spirit of what I posted earlier this week with regards to my great aunt Ann as well as what I noted is on tap for probably tomorrow. Nonetheless:

Maria Sue Chapman, R.I.P. (2003-2008)

As Michelle Malkin notes in the above posting, set aside politics when reviewing what she writes above. Lots of prayer request today at Rerum Novarum but virtually no one prays enough anyway -including your humble servant who needs to do more of his share in this department as well.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

While I do not want it to overshadow the previous note of the passing of my great aunt, I should note that today would have been the birthday of my oldest childhood friend Chris. He passed on in late 2005 and I may note something on this anniversary sometime tomorrow if I feel so inclined to. At that point, we should be clear for a resumption of ordinary blogging until the next remembrance of passing persons -a subject I am sure does not help with blog stats but in the words of Rhett Butler "frankly, I don't give a damn." What purpose is a weblog, journal of thoughts, or whatever if one does not use it to speak their mind???

Anyway, the usual musings, mutterings, and other such matters will resume probably after tomorrow...thank you for your patience and prayerful generosity in the meantime.

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My maternal great aunt Ann Ripplinger passed on two days ago at the age of 91. She was the younger sister of my maternal grandmother Mary Kanski (d. 9/25/01) the aunt of my maternal uncle David Kanski (d. 5/19/02), and the older sister of my great aunt Hattie Denny whose husband Mel passed on in early 2004 (1/25/04). I will not depress readers of this entry with a full list of those who have passed on in my family the past eight years as it would make for a depressing read -only compassion for the family and for the deceased in prayer particularly on this occasion Ann and her closest family.

[Lord, please] remember Ann Ripplinger, whom you have called from this life. In baptism she died with Christ: may she also share in his resurrection. [Roman Missal Eucharistic Prayer 2: From Masses for the Dead]

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Joel of On the Other Foot gives some good food for musing on Senator Kennedy's predicament.

My views on Senator Kennedy's predicament are in substance outlined well there; ergo the deferral to Joel's take on the matter.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Diplomad's Take on the Supposedly "Highly Educated" Obama Voters is Worth Considering

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