Saturday, December 14, 2002

A New Addition to the Faith Legion:

As making the profession of faith as prescribed by the Apostolic see is a requirement for admission and as The Curmudgeon along with the rest of DPI hath made said professio according to the prescribed form, by the power vested in me as Sovereign Thane and Lord High Executioner of Rerum Novarum, I decree that Disturber of the Peace Institute's Website , Disturber of the Peace Institute's Blog, and DPI's Bullies and Bozos Blog have all been officially enrolled in The Faith Legion (Though we will link only to the Disturber of the Peace weblog at the Legion log as the website and auxillery weblog are linked to it.)

In such enrollment we declare and decree that all rights and privileges of said enrollment are to remain intact, stable, and valid all things to the contrary notwithstanding.
"Some Light-Hearted Fun" Dept.

I forgot how boring and endless the editing and revising process can be. So since the work I am focused on is 'traditionalist' directed, the need for a little levity is in order. And what better to do that then a "trad" song parody??? (We have not done one for a while here at Rerum Novarum.) This one can be sung to the tune "Imagine" by John Lennon:

Imagine there was no Council,
It's easy if you try,
No pope to obey,
Unless he agrees with I,
Imagine all the Catholics
living in the paaast...

Imagine no Nov-us Ordo,
Heck, we al-rea-dy do,
No bis-hops to fol-low,
Lotsa schisms too,
Imagine all the Catholics
be-ing their own popes...

You may say I'm a dreamer,
and not know what this en-tails,
I still hope some day you'll join us,
When the gates of hell have pre-vailed.

Friday, December 13, 2002

This Is The End
Beautiful Friend
This Is The End
My Only Friend, The End

Of Our Elaborate Plans, The End
Of Everything That Stands, The End
No Safety Or Surprise, The End
I'll Never Look Into Your Eyes...again

I am currently taking a breather from my treatise revision project. And what better way to break up the monotony then with the Death Test. Here are the results:

You can expect to die on:December 24, 20-- at the age of 71 years old.

On that date you will most likely die from:

Cancer (17%) and Heart Attack (16%) were the two highest odds elements. Drowning (6%) and Alcoholism (5%) were the two lowest ones.

Of course I should state up front lest the Angel of Death be listening that I am not presumptuous enough to think "hey, I have a few more decades left at this rate" cause if the last two years in my family have taught me anything, it is that people can go unexpectedly. Which reminds me of a serious note to end this entry with...

Though his passing was expected, please pray for the repose of the soul of a family friend Roy Sabin. He passed away on the eleventh, two days shy of six months after his wife Anne. (Who passed a year and a day after my father.) Both Roy and Annie had brain cancer and they managed to get it treated only to have a relapse. Roy was not Catholic but Annie was and a devout one. Roy raised his kids Catholic and accompanied Annie to Mass every week. Anyway, please pray for the repose of his soul.

"Two Outta Three Ain't Bad" Dept.

Referring to two of the three prelates whom I have mentioned that the Pope should axe as examples. The three were Weakland, Law, and Mahony. Well, Weakland resigned earlier this year shortly after his 75th birthday and now Law has resigned as well. Let us hope that Mahony is either forced to resign or gets the axe soon as well.
Points to Ponder:

Trust the Church of God implicitly even when your natural judgment would take a different course from hers and would induce you to question her prudence or correctness. Recollect what a hard task she has; how she is sure to be criticized and spoken against, whatever she does; recollect how much she needs your loyal and tender devotion; recollect, too, how long is the experience gained over so many centuries, and what a right she has to claim your assent to principles which have had so extended and triumphant a trial. Thank her that she has kept the faith safe for so many generations and do your part in helping her to transmit it to generations after you. [Ven. John Henry Cardinal Newman]

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Weighing in on Sen. Trent Lott's Comments:
(Musings of your humble servant at Rerum Novarum)

I am frankly shocked at how many otherwise astute people have termed Sen. Lott's comments about Sen. Strom Thurmond as "racist". Such widescale ignorance is not helped by the revisionist media. Was one element of the Dixiecrat party (of which Thurmond ran for president in 1948 under the banner of) supporting of segregationism??? Yes but that was an ancillary issue in the bigger picture. The primary thrust of the "Dixiecrat" party was one opposing federal intervention in areas which were Constitutionally delegated to the states. They just happened to latch unto the civil rights platform of the Democratic party as their main justifying issue.

By no means was the civil rights platform of the Democratic party - which was an egregious violation of states rights - the only such violation. And while they had the right fundamental principle, it was advanced to defend a fundamental violation of human rights which sadly (on the slavery issue) was not uncommon at one time in the old South.

Would we be in a lot fewer messes today if the core principle of the "Dixiecrats" (states rights) had been faithfully followed??? In a word: YES.{1} Does this mean that I support the racism of Sen. Thurmond of that time??? Of course not, no more then my view that giving federal money from the treasury to disaster victims should be discouraged because it also - like the federal intervention in the rights of the states - is an example of the end justifying the means which Catholicism forbids.{2}

They favoured individuals giving whatever from their own pocket they wanted to for such things - something that was easier to do before the ridiculous rate of taxation that we now accept: rates 40 percentage points higher then that which caused a Tea Party in Boston about two and a quarter centuries ago.

So those who want to call me a "racist" or "unsympathetic to the downtrodden" for these comments, take your shots. You already consign yourself as so myopic on both issues that you are hardly to be taken seriously. Was Sen. Lott's comments on the whole correct??? Yes they were. Were they prudent to make??? No they were not, particularly in light of how they would be misinterpreted. Did this show a tremendous lack of insight on Sen. Lott's part??? Yes it did. Should he resign from the Senate??? No he should not. Should he step down from Senate majority leader position??? Yes he should.

If he was not astute enough to recognize that most people would not know where he was coming from, he should not be the leader of the Republican party in the Senate: a party that historically has opposed not only physical slavery but also economic slavery. (And if they were true to their founding principles would recognize the germ of truth in Lott's comments and apply it to their agenda.)


{1} Not *all* parameters of course but the family unit would be stronger and people would have a far greater understanding of the proper powers of the federal government and the much greater delegated authority to the state governments to name two areas which have undergone profound degeneration the past fifty years.

{2} Not to mention that it was a position that the Founders themselves who wrote the Constitution specifically rejected as unconstitutional.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

"Dave Aid" Dept.

Christmas is coming up and what good and faithful Catholic does not want some books to either learn more about the faith we profess, or know someone else who could benefit from such materials??? Are there any who would like to get their feet wet in apologetics but feel that they lack the resources or are unsure of which resources would be most beneficial for this task??? Is there anyone looking to build themselves a library of books on the Catholic Faith for ready reference and is looking for good resources to meet this goal???

For any of the above scenarios your humble servant recommends most highly the books written by his good friend Dave Armstrong.

Dave is not unknown to most reasonably informed Catholics who surf the web, indeed he owns and maintains the Catholic website par excellence "Biblical Evidences for Catholicism". He is a tireless worker in the Lord's vineyard and I truly believe is to Catholic evangelization what James Brown was to show business. (Meaning: "the hardest working man".) However, all things come with a price and in Dave's case he has chosen to live simply with his wife and their four children in order to devote as much time as he could to evangelization. To quote him from his website:

Since December 2001, I have been a full-time writer/apologist, constantly sharing the message of Christianity and the fullness of Catholicism. My (very modest) income consists solely of royalties from my books, and contributions. I'm married, and have four children, who are home-schooled. We believe in living very simply. I work at home without a staff or rented office (thus, little overhead). I'm asking for your help in order for this endeavor to succeed. If you believe that this website and my books offer important educational materials and spiritual edification, perhaps you would consider making a monthly pledge or one-time donation.

If you cannot contribute at this time, your prayers and recommendations to others of my work would be greatly appreciated. I will be able to write and pursue my apostolate in direct proportion to the income I receive for that work. You'll never be sent desperate, emotional appeal letters through e-mail, begging for money (only a simple website update, showing what I have been doing). Thanks so much for reading this, and for visiting my website. I hope it has been --by God's grace -- useful in your spiritual journey. May God bless you abundantly as you serve and follow Him.

Now it seems to me that a man who is willing to go to such great lengths to bring the Gospel to others deserves some degree of recompense from others who benefit from the fruits of his labours. Dave has six books out now and any of them would make an excellent gift as well as a good book for your library both for reading as well as referencing. Listed in black are the titles of the works he currently has out:

A Biblical Defense of Catholicism (Foreword by Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.)

More Biblical Evidence for Catholicism (Foreword by Dr. Scott Hahn)

Any Catholic who is at a loss to explain the Scriptural underpinnings of Catholic doctrine would benefit immensely from the above two books. They would also make excellent gifts for anyone whom you would want to try and witness to about the Faith. Surely every reader knows of at least *one* person whom the latter applies to. And you neophytes who are so eager to evangelize that you set off half-cocked (or as my father would tell me his father used to say "rush out to set the world on fire and realize they forgot to bring any matches") well here is the "tinder" and the "matches" you need :)

Bible Conversations: Catholic-Protestant Dialogues on the Bible, Tradition, and Salvation

Wanna learn how to dialogue with someone productively??? Or do you know someone whom a dialogue presentation works better for then a straight apologetical presentation??? Would any of you who are neophytes like to learn firsthand from a seasoned veteran and thereby shorten the learning curve that all who are involved in evangelization have to go through before they get the hang of what they are doing??? The above book then is for you and it touches on the three issues that are at the core of all the squabbles between Catholics and Protestants. It would make a great gift as well as a learning tool for any aspiring apologist.

Development of Catholic Doctrine: Evolution, Revolution, or an Organic Process?

Do you know any Protestant or Orthodox (or even non-Christians) who do not understand the phenomenon of development and how it differs from essential change??? How about any self-styled 'traditionalists' who have no idea what this fundamental principle is??? Do *YOU* know what this phenomenon is and (if so) how to properly understand and explain it??? Dave is one of the best out there at explaining this principle - indeed this is the principle that brought him into the Catholic Church to begin with.

To know development properly is to be able to overcome countless potential difficulties both with the expression of Christian doctrines over the centuries as well as the principle of the Second Vatican Council which was without a doubt "the Council of Newman".

Mere Christian Apologetics

Christian apologetics in general. Remember, many people need to be fed with milk before they can handle solid food (cf. i Cor. iii.,1-2). For reaching those such people (or for learning how to) this work would be of tremendous assistance.

Christian Worldview vs. Postmodernism

Dave describes this work as one [w]ritten from a generic Christian perspective for a wide Christian and humanist/agnostic/atheist/secularist audience; no distinctively Catholic teaching

With Christmas coming up, if you are interested in learning more about your faith or helping others to, if you are looking to add reference books to your library, or if you are looking to acquire tools to learn how to defend your faith: how about obtaining for yourself some of Dave's books. It would be of assistance to him and his family, it would be of assistance to you and anyone you want to expose the faith to, and it would enable him to be a full-time evangelist which any of us who do it part-time know is not an easy road to travel. However, if anyone can do it Dave can but not without the financial and spiritual assistance. Please give whatever you can to assist this man in caring for his family and also that his ministry may thrive.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

On Epiekeia and Liturgical Adaptations
"App-a-rit-ion By Morning" Dept.
(With Apologies to George Strait)

My friend F. John Loughnan has compiled a Chronology of Events Pertaining to Medjugorie. I must say, prior to reading this I had doubts about the authenticity of this apparition. After chewing a bit on John's well-documented expose, I have to say that my doubts have crystallized into a certainty that this apparition is a fraud. (Presuming that John's findings are accurate of course. In my experience, his track record in this area is eminently credible.)
Upcoming Amazon Review of Peter Hebblethwaithe's work "Paul VI: The First Modern Pope":
(Musings of your humble servant at Rerum Novarum)

Amazon will probably publish it in about four days or so.

[Three Stars out of Five]

A Good Book But It Has Its Problems...

Reviewer: Shawn McElhinney from Seattle, WA United States

...theologically anyway. But before dealing with that it would be beneficial to review its strengths.

For one thing, it is a comprehensive work. There is evidence throughout that the author sought to write as complete a biography as possible and clocking in at around 750 pages, the detail is not lacking. The portrait of Giovanni Battista Montini the man is well sketched and his gifts made readily apparent to the reader. The author believes that Pope Paul was "the most naturally talented man to become pope in this century" and if he is referring to all around then I can certainly concur with him. The problem though is that the papacy requires more then that to properly function. Paul from the biographies I have read of him - and Hebblethwaithe follows suit with them - sketches a portrait of a man who on paper is almost overqualified to be pope (if that was at all possible) excelling in his knowledge of Canon Law, the history of the Ecumenical Councils, and Church history in general. (Not to mention being schooled in the field of journalism.) Physically frail in health from his earliest years Paul VI was still able to accomplish much more then it would seem task-wise. An excellent listener who enjoyed philosophical discourse and dialogue with the belief that the truth would ultimately win out. A dialoguist who could weigh the pros and cons of opposing sides and do so equitably. Adding to these the element of patience and sensitivity of allviewpoints and Paul had the makings of a great diplomat.

Hebblethwaithe documents well Paul's service to - and admiration of - Pius XII and treats the latter pope reasonably well: though he seems to think Pius XI was a diplomatic blunderer. (There is a clear preference shown to John XXIII over both of them.) He details well Pope Paul's meetings with Patriarch Athengoras and other leaders both religious and secular. I am trying to think of what else can be said in under 1,000 words about a 750 page book. (In these situations space constraints are not of assistance.)

It has been said in the Conclave that after the election the consensus of him was that he was "John with Pacelli's [Pius XII] brains". But even taking into account all of the relevant factors, it is difficult to see how anyone could say that his reign could be anything better then "average" historically. Hebblethwaithe's sketch reveals the human side of Paul through his successes and also his failings. (Not to mention the tremendous sufferings physically and spiritually that he underwent in the exercise of his ministry.)

It helps now to know that the author is an "ex-Jesuit" because it fills in several question marks that cropped up when I read the book. His treatment of the subject of the minority at the Second Vatican Council is not as balanced as it could be. (The author almost makes it seem that any concessions made by Paul VI to the minority party was the result of conspiracy and certain prelates "getting to Paul" rather then Paul acting as he did out of a sense of personal principle.) The treatment of the Council could have been more thorough as well since that was the defining event and constant reference point for the rest of Pope Paul's pontificate.

There were a few points of theology where the author showed his grasp of the issues as specious. He makes two theological blunders by presuming that the Mystical Body and the Catholic Church affiliation would have to "be overcome by Vatican II" - an absurd notion and one not sanctioned by the documents of Vatican II. (The second was the assertion that the treatment of the Mystical Body in the encyclical somehow did not account for the presence of sin: another superficial commentary on the encyclical's content.) He also shows almost a disdain for the encyclical letter Mysterium Fidei: seemingly any attempt of the Pope to not endorse the "newer and therefore better" whatever it happened to be (and regardless of its relative merits) permeates this work in various spots.

Two more encyclicals that do not meet with the authors approval are Sacerdotalis Caelibatus (on priestly celibacy) and Humanae Vitae. On the latter the author pulls out the kind of kook conspiracy theories that are common to fringe extremists to try and "justify" themselves. (Particularly when it comes to Cardinal Ottaviani in this instance.) It is pretty clear that he did not like Paul's teaching in the latter two encyclicals or the judgment Paul had the CDF issue on women priests. The author for the most part is pretty fair but on the examples above there is a clear bias. The sketch he makes of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre was also not flattering but frankly Lefebvre brought a lot of his problems on himself. (In that context Hebblethwaithe details Pope Paul's patience with Lefebvre very well.) Throughout the ups and downs of the book (which technically is written well and reads well) we receive a detailed sketch of Paul the pope and Montini the man.

In short, this is a good book but it is not without its problems. Two biographies not used by Hebblethwaithe are in this writers opinion superior works page for page. One is Roy MacGregor-Hastie's 1964 biography on Paul VI (approx. 210 pages). Another is Alden Hatch's biography "Pope Paul VI" which is about 400 pages. Either work is better then this one but this one is still worth a read too if you have the time and if the deficiencies noted above are taken into account.

Monday, December 09, 2002

A Heart, Mind, and Strength "Suggested" Triple Spin:

Again we at Rerum Novarum feel an unexplicacble *need* to mention the HMS Blog for the same reasons we did HERE. This time an article by Matt Watkins was the first to catch our eye that was worthy of mention. It was a response to the stellar analysis by Greg "The Godfather" Popcak located HERE a piece that I am sure will be quoted by those of a more 'traditionalist' mindset. However, We at Rerum Novarum have a "plan" on this subject that we cannot discuss now. Yes just as Nixon had "a secret plan" about Vietnam, we have an excellent compromise between the two but that is for another time's discussion and we want to get the readers minds out there trying to piece together what we could possibly propose as a Via Media.

And for the Planned Parenthood Slogan Contest we at Rerum Novarum in about thirty seconds of mental contractions have come up with two:

"Planned Parenthood: Celebrating ______ years of efficient and stellar contributions to the destruction of marriage, society, and the lives of countless children as well".

"Millions and Millions Exterminated".
"The Price is Right" Dept.

In catching up on Dale Price's Dyspeptic Mutterings, my sides were shaking when reading these quips:

In reference to Yasser Arafat and Christmas:

"Christmas and Yassir Arafat: they go together like peanut butter and rancid headcheese".

In reference to a Czech hockey player with the name of Satan (Shuh-TAN):

"I think he got tired of the obvious puns, but a word of advice, if I may: lose the goatee".

There was also some serious stuff as well:

"Patrick Keenan, my criminal law professor at UDM, once said that given the choice between representing a murderer or a divorce client, he'd choose the former: on average, the murderer has a more finely-tuned sense of mercy. Having witnessed a divorce case that involved a dispute over nose hair clippers, I'm inclined to agree.

The Perreco case is the kind that drives sensible judges to fits of disgust. It is likely that, by the end, the trial judge was grimly scanning case law looking for authority to order body cavity searches for the both of them.

Done with fiberglass mittens. For more go here

On WW the II:

The more troubling aspect is the implication that the Allies, being racists, decided not to use the Bomb on fellow "white folks," and saved it for the more hated Japanese: "[A]tomic weapons were not used...until August 1945, at Hiroshima").

Well, duh. The bomb was not even tested until July 16, 1945, near Alamogordo, New Mexico. Germany had unconditionally surrendered on May 8, 1945. It could just be me, but I think it could be considered bad form to bomb someone two months after they surrender. Not to mention creating an aggravating environmental hazard for your occupation troops. More on the Second World War, the Bomb, and Dresden

Finally we have an old blues style "call and response" refrain. In this situation an idiot will talk and Dale will respond:

"One thing I know from the Bible is that Jesus was not against women having a choice in continuing a pregnancy...Jesus was for peace on earth, justice on earth, compassion on earth, mercy on earth, and choice on earth".

Oh, yeah. Odd, but I think I'm missing the addendum to the "Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God" passage. The one that apparently says "Feel free to kill them so they can get there faster."Go Here for More on the Obtusity of the UCC

For more dyspeptic mutterings go HERE.
Though December 8th is usually when the Feast of the Immaculate Conception is celebrated, this year it is celebrated today. In light of the occasion, it seems fitting that the Constitution "Ineffabilis Deus" be read and pondered over. If it does not load properly, try using the editing option to open up the composer feature of the browser. Here is the link:

Constitution Ineffibilis Deus of Pope Pius IX
A Walt Williams Quadruple Slam

Time is short so I will give a brief summation or comment rather then quote excerpts...

The Great Generation?

Read the above link and tell me that Mr. Williams has not learned well from not only the Founding Fathers but also Frederic Bastiat: the economist and statesman that this humble weblogs runs excerpts from on occasion.

Family Secrets

Hint: Do not speak too loudly about the kind of stuff above lest you be mischaracterized by the likes of Jessie Hi-Jackson and his cronies

Non-Politically Correct Thinking

Lane Core Jr. may need to skip the link above as he is already waaay too guilty of such thinking

Taxation 101

My Kingdom for more people who think like Walter Williams on these issues!!! Indeed Mr. Williams is one of my top ten arguments in favour of cloning. Not that I am going to endorse cloning but people like Walt certainly make a good case for it at times.

Sunday, December 08, 2002

"Wallowing in the Filth" Dept.

It seems that a certain "superrrr genius" is not above (or should I say below???) stooping to any tactic to shore up his diminished credibility.{1}

The following was brought to my attention this morning in an email. It is text from Bob's latest "Not By" book. Without further ado, here is the reference:

Not By Historical Criticism Alone: The Fallacies of the Modern Biblical Hermeneutic by Robert Sungenis This book addresses the modern theories of biblical analysis and interpretation, notably, Historical Criticism. It will debunk the current and widely held view that the Bible contains errors in history and science. Contributors: .........Dr. Arthur Sippo; .......Mr. Robert Sungenis, M.A. (Ph.D. cd).

Now having Dr. Art Sippo as an advisor or consultant (or contributor) to any project is certainly a great asset.{2} The problem is, whatever assistance Art may have given Bob earlier on, two points need to be made on these issues.

The first is that Art is not the enemy of modern biblical studies that Bob is. (Unlike Bob he has the ability to utilize proper discernment as well as understanding the use of terms and the nuances that go into any field of study.) The second is that Art severed his ties explicitly with Bob back in September as John Betts noted at his Boycott CAI weblog.

John published with Art's permission a letter that was sent out to Bob and a number of others including your humble blog host. It is an unequivocal denunciation of Bob, his works, and his pomps. Here is the text from September 29th in full and I have bolded the part of this text that applies directly to this current charade by Mr. Sungenis:

Dear Bob,

The length, rancor, and irrationality of your messages doubles with every iteration. I have tried to respond to the issues in this conflict and bring you back to your senses. But every time you respond, you dredge up more anti-Semitic smut and then try to justify yourself by pretending that this trash represents Sacred Tradition. Meanwhile you vilify Pope John Paul II who has followed the mandate of Vatican II and tried to lead the Catholic Church away from this kind of bigotry. You've crossed the line, Bob, and I can no longer remain silent.

To continue arguing with you would give you a bully pulpit and lend a legitimacy to you and your views that you do not deserve. I have said all I need to say. I am a Catholic who remains faithful to my Lord and Savior and to his Vicar. Where the Holy Spirit leads the Church, I will follow. I have faith in the promises of Christ and I do not need the ravings of mere men who try to make void the Word of God.

Effective immediately I want all the articles under my byline pulled from CAI's web-site. You may publish ALL of my responses during this current discussion INCLUDING THIS ONE unedited. You may not publish only excerpts but the whole text. You may then comment on excerpts at your leisure. You will use my name on these correspondence so that everyone will know that I oppose your stance and have otherwise severed ties with your ministry in protest against your anti-Semitic remarks and your lack of faithfulness to the Catholic Church, her Pope and her Magisterium. You have spiraled out of control, Bob, and I no longer can allow my name to be associated with yours without making my position clear.

I am sorry that it has come to this. It is not my intention to hurt you. You are my friend and I will be happy to speak with you in private, but I do not intend to make any further public comment on this matter. I beg you to repent and to submit yourself to the discipline of the Church. You need serious spiritual direction and guidance. You came to us because you discerned the truth in the Catholic Tradition. I urge you to return to that truth. I will continue to pray that God will bless and guide you back to your senses.

Omnes semper - ad Jesum, per Mariam, cum Petro!

A theologian has a responsibility to never get so involved in the inner complexities of the sacred sciences that he loses the ancient simplicity of the Faith. The same ancient simplicity that made St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas "little ones" despite their prodigious learning. This is the very same "ancient simplicity" which resulted in Tertullian and Origen falling into heresy because their great learning was severed from the simple faith that reveals the faith to the little ones and hides it from the wise and prudent.{3}

Dr. Sippo is an example of a theologian who is of the mould of St. Augustine. By contrast Mr. Sungenis resembles a Tertullian: someone who had so many natural God-given talents but who frittered them away because he trusted more the bent of his own genius and despised the ancient simplicity of Catholic Faith and its many inner complexities at the higher echalons of the sacred sciences.

I will ask Art if he wants to clarify himself further on this matter and ask that the readers until that time interpret Bob's latest shameless wallow to Art's explicit words above. I apologize that I had to bring this up - particularly in light of how my blogging as of late has been scarce.{4} Nonetheless it is not uncommon to read silence as consent. And while for the most part Bob's rantings are amateurish and not worth taking seriously, in this case a good friend of mine runs the risk of being tainted with Bob's anti-semitic filth.{5} Therefore out of conscience I have to mention it.


{1} Except of course apologize to anyone whom he offended for his continual barrage of uncharitable lies and slander.

{2} I have had the honour of him reviewing a lot of my web writings and he is one of those who has been providing me with feedback on my treatise revision work; this is a large part of the reason I have been blogging so infrequently as of late.

{3} Something that Our Lord and Saviour spoke of in Matthew xi, 25ff right after he denounced the impenitent towns.

{4} I also hope that before Christmas I can finish the current project and have a little more time for blogging.

{5} For any new readers Mr. Sungenis has recently been a proponent of geocentric theory, has plagiarized Nazi propaganda in his writings, has made ridiculously uneducated and idiotic comments about the Talmud, has asserted that the Holocaust-denying "Institute of Historical Review" is a "credible source" (not to mention plagiarized the sources of one of their "historians") and has basically gone the route of the kook weirdo conspiracy fringe. Keep those facts in mind when you assess any attempted contributions to the arena of ideas by Mr. Sungenis to retain the sitz im leben about the man.