Friday, October 20, 2017

"One From the Vault" Dept.

The following is a flashback to the archives of this weblog from October 20, 2005...

I do not have time to comment on this issue unfortunately but Able Danger is back in the news. I want to take this opportunity to remind readers of what I wrote on this issue last month -starting with this tidbit:

I surmize that...the existence of Able Danger and its coverup will prove to be a huge black mark on the previous administration. And in light of Hillary's longtime designs on the presidency, Able Danger would not be a benefit to her cause to put it mildly... 

There is also this more detailed exposition on the subject posted on September 21, 2005:

On Able Danger and A Potential Defense Department Coverup

Readers will get a very good overview of the significance of this situation at the thread above. [Excerpts from the Rerum Novarum Posting Briefly Revisiting Able Danger (circa October 20, 2005)]

In posting this thread as I have, it necessitates creating a new primary posting tag so with this posting, consider the primary posting tag Vault Flashback to be added to this weblog for the current and future postings where applicable.

All things to the contrary notwithstanding.

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Hey, who's up for a 24/7 Senate?

Like the Hardcore Championship in the late 1990's-early 2000's could be defended 24/7 as long as there was a referee nearby, we could have a 24/7 Senate for the rest of the fiscal year.

I hate to say it but this is probably necessary for the rest of the fiscal year to get certain key priorities done.

Though the proverb "no one's life, liberty, or property are safe whenever the legislature is in session" is one I as a rule agree with.

Every rule admits of its exceptions though.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Points to Ponder:

Strangers passing in the street
By chance two separate glances meet
And I am you and what I see is me...


Several arrests made in 1983 'racially-motivated' murder

May the cops who obstructed justice in this case have their pensions stripped from them and given to the families of the victim.

And may they be held in disgrace for the rest of their lives.

But remember folks, the real crime is anthem kneeling!

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Hillary-Mentum! The Delusional Still See A Chance For Clinton To Become President

"Oh, Jawbone, when did you first go wrong?
Oh, Jawbone, where is it you belong?

[Two] time loser, you'll never learn,
Lay down your tools before you burn.
Ya keep on runnin' and hidin' your face,
Spreadin' your heat all over the place..."

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O.J. Simpson slides right back into the Vegas nightlife scene as he mingles with three women

He figured he"take a stab" at the nightlife again?