Thursday, November 16, 2017


"Leah Corfman is not credible because she has been divorced multiple times."

So has Donald Trump

"Leah Corfman is not credible because she accused multiple pastors of hitting on her."

What is less credible, multiple accusations of minor improprieties or multiple acts of adultery? Corfman is said to have done the former, Trump is known to have done the latter.

"Leah Corfman is not credible because she filed for bankruptcy three times."

Donald Trump filed for bankruptcy FOUR times.

Do you still want to keep playing the "not credible game"?

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Briefly on the Virginia and New Jersey Elections:

The results of those election can be subject to mistakes on both sides meaning they can be over thought or under thought.

To over think would be to see it as an inevitable harbinger of either 2020 or 2018. Case in point: 2009 did not mean Obama was toast in 2012 and the resistance folks in 2017 should remember that the tea party of 2009 was a lot less robust in 2012. As for the 2010 comparison to 2018, its way too early and folks forget: the backlash of 2010 was because of political overreach by the Dems. The GOP has not overreached yet, heck it debatable if they have even reached at all yet. Either way, the whiter and hotter the populism of a moment, the shorter its political shelf life tends to be.

As far as under thinking, to dismiss these results as just the results of blue states and thus presume it has no bearing whatsoever on 2018 (or does not reflect on a lack of coattails thus far for Trump) would be a mistake that could lead to a political complacency that results in a correction midterm election rather than an election where GOP can build on their advantages nationwide.

In short, its possible to overthink as well as underthink last night's results for the GOP as well as for the Dems.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Points to Ponder:

Politics in a nutshell today:

My side's purported indiscretions: all lies and conspiracies by evil forces to destroy good noble people - innocent until proven guilty far beyond any reasonable doubt.

Your side's purported indiscretions: ipso facto true because your side is evil incarnate and thus irredeemable - guilty until proven innocent far beyond any reasonable doubt.

Any questions?

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100 Years of Communism: Death and Deprivation

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John Hillerman, Higgins on 'Magnum, P.I.,' dies at 84

Rest In Peace Higgins!


Public Service Announcement:

For those who do not like President Trump and talk about impeachment, remember: impeachment requires "high crimes and misdemeanors" to be viable. Simply hating the president or not liking their policies is not sufficient.

This has been a public service announcement...

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If You Refuse to Condemn Predators because of Politics, You’re Disgusting


"...The deflections are too predictable. There’s the 'Why are these women just coming out now? Seems suspicious!' comeback and, of course, the 'They’re just doing it for the fame! These women just want attention!' angle. Now, these comments actually are very important — just not for the reasons that the people making them think that they are. They’re important not as defenses, but because they’re perfect examples of an exact reason why these women may have been too afraid to come forward sooner: because they were afraid that they’d be ridiculed and doubted, and that no one would believe them..."

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