Saturday, February 24, 2018

"Just the other day
I heard my friend say
Life was oh so bad
Love was all he had

You know all day long
I sing sad songs
Got the blues feel
Things no doctor can heal

You know thats ok
I never change my ways
Maybe I am wrong
But I'll soon be gone..."
[Ronnie Van Zant (circa 1970)]


Sunday, February 18, 2018

"One From the Vault" Dept.

The following is a flashback to the archives this weblog {1} from 2003...

"[B]y my own admission I am rather resolute about not being put in a box of any kind. The reason of course should be self-evident: that he who controls the vernacular controls the parameters of the debate. Instead, I prefer to control the vernacular myself. And if I cannot control the vernacular myself, at the very least I will not let others do so either.

For when we get down to brass tacks, all forms of engineering - be it social, philosophical, theological, political, medical, scientific, legal, or otherwise - is preceded by verbal engineering. This is why I refuse to cede to the extremists of any stripe their own choice of terminology. Instead, I refer to them as they are...

[W]hen we let counterfeit philosophies or outlooks coin their own noble terminology, we provide them with a shibboleth of their own to mindlessly parrot and/or cloak themselves in to with greater ease attempt to (and potentially succeed at) confusing the unwary. Allowing them to control the language and eventually they will control the terms of the battle...

I for my part want nothing to do with this scuffling nor will I allow others to label me - even if they attempt to do so as a kind of 'reference point' in a discussion. Again, I either control the vernacular or we relegate it to a stalemate. The moment I as a rule allow others to do so is the moment that I begin to give control of the arena to someone else. And that my friends is (i) not something I have ever done and (ii) it simply is not going to happen at any time in the future." [Excerpt from Rerum Novarum (circa August 30, 2003)]


{1} In posting this thread as I have, it necessitates creating a new primary posting tag so with this posting, consider the primary posting tag Vault Flashback to be added to this weblog for the current and future postings where applicable. [Excerpt from Rerum Novarum (circa October 20, 2017)]

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