Monday, October 01, 2018


So #DukeLaKavanaugh is going to be FBI investigated for a 7th time? Fine. I want an FBI investigation opened on Christine Blasey Ford and Michael "Pimp Train" Avanatti's client as well. I want to see ALL of Dr. Ford's calendars, every bit of her wiped social media accounts subpoenaed, the permit for the door she claimed she told her husband she needed in 2012 because of her presumed trauma, every scrap of her therapists notes subpoenaed, her therapist and husband subpoenaed along with her parents and siblings to testify with sworn affidavits, and everything else that goes into an FBI investigation. I also want her charged with perjury if it is found she lied during her testimony previously. I also want Senator Dianne Feinstein cited for contempt and investigated as well.

Fair is fair!

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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Points to Ponder:

"I have to admit I find the outrage over Kavanaugh's polemical tone from people already convinced of his guilt to be weird.

I can't picture any circumstances yesterday under which people so convinced would have said 'Aw, it's too bad he's an evil raping alcoholic--because he really has the judicial temperament for the job'." [Dale Price]

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