Saturday, October 13, 2018

Points to Ponder:

"If one can clarify one need not agitate. Just to state facts is the most terrible thing that can be done to an injustice...Fact has this advantage over rhetoric -- that time strengthens the one and weakens the other. Tell the truth and time will be your eloquence." [Will Durant]

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Friday, October 12, 2018

I Was A Never Trumper Until Democrats Went Gonzo On Kavanaugh. Now, Hand Me That Red Hat

While not exactly my view, there is plenty of convergence of the latter with the above statement. Here is just a taste from the article and of which I concur 100%...

"...The Republican rejection of Merrick Garland was political hardball; the sliming of Kavanaugh was categorically different and much worse. The Democrats crossed the line from policy disagreement to personal destruction, and in doing so they nuked any middle ground between themselves and conservative Trump skeptics. And they put every conservative on notice: You could be next.

If the Democrats will do this to a man as respected and mainstream as Kavanaugh, they will do it to anyone who gets in their way. The left has embraced mob justice that disdains our culture of due process and the presumption of innocence, and merely disagreeing with the mob provokes its wrath. At Facebook, the mob is after an executive who stood by his friend. At my alma mater, a dean was punished for tweeting skeptically about the woman accusing Kavanaugh of running a gang-rape ring in high school. Ordinary people are being targeted for having opinions the mob hates..."

Click here to read the rest.

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Since the British tried to exterminate my Irish ancestors and Tsarist Russia brutalized my Ukrainian ancestors that in the spirit of the Christine Ford fan club, I am going to find a Brit and a Russian to curbstomp the shit out of.


Points to Ponder:

"Even if you believe the Bishop of Rome to be in error, that does not give you the right to judge him, for only God can judge the Pope. No mortal man may accuse him of faults." [Pope Pius II: Allocution Multa Hic Hodie (circa November 21, 1459)]

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

"I want to give a shoutout to my homie Brett Kavanaugh, way to go 'Special K'"

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Taylor Swift Inspires 200 Million Fans To Register To Vote In Tennessee


Mitch McConnell: Forget Merrick Garland, GOP can confirm a Supreme Court justice in 2020 if it wants
To summarize the above article in brief:

"I am altering the deal. Pray I do not alter it further!" [#CocaineMitch]

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The best argument for President Donald Trump moves forward...


The judic cmte just sent 8 more judges to the full Senate for final votes Total judges on floor now 49: 4 circuit + 43 district + 2 fed claims nominees Lots of work to do Senate shld stay in session til ALL 49 judges are CONFIRMED / work comes b4 campaigning

11:41 AM - 11 Oct 2018

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On Brett Kavanaugh and the Accusation of Perjury:

My words will be in regular font.

Lying about slang under oath is still perjury.

You have to prove that he lied. Merely saying he did is not sufficient. Evasive and non-responsive answers, even if misleading, are not perjury.

Lying about not drinking under age is perjury. He was 17 the summer in question and that summer the drinking age was raised to 21. He lied about what the law was.

He said the law was 18 for most of his time in high school and was 18 in DC for all of his time in high school. All of that was true; ergo, no lie involved.

He lied when he said that he didn't go to the types of gatherings with the people Ford mentioned.

"Types of gatherings"? That is very vague phrasing by you. I could accuse you of lying by the same standard you are accusing Kavanaugh of lying. But then I happen to know that evasive answers even ones intended to mislead are not perjury.

Small gathering with Mike Judge and PJ is on his calendar for July 1.

Since your prior comment was very vague, its not possible to say for sure that it correlates with the one above.

He lied about not living near the country club when he lived closer to it than Ford.

Terms like "near" and "far" are far too imprecise to be involved in a charge of perjury. You could feasibly claim Kavanaugh was being evasive or even disingenuous. However, none of that constitutes perjury.

A lie under oath is perjury

Nope, its not that simple. Perjury to use one definition of the term I have seen is "the willful giving of false testimony under oath or affirmation, before a competent tribunal, upon a point material to a legal inquiry." You would have to prove several things with a charge of perjury including:

1) The testimony under oath was given that was proven false.{1}

2) The person giving the testimony made the proven false testimony wilfully.{2}

3) The point in question would have to be material to the inquiry.{3}

Nothing you have posted about Kavanaugh above meets the burden of proof for a probable perjury charge.


{1} This has to be proven, not merely asserted.

{2} If there was not a wilful giving of false testimony or if the false testimony was given under duress, it would not be perjury.

{3} If the point is not proven to be material to the inquiry, again perjury would not apply.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Cardinal Ouellet Writes Open Letter to Archbishop Viganò

As I have suspected all along!

"...It is false to present the measures taken against him as 'sanctions' decreed by Pope Benedict XVI and annulled by Pope Francis. After reviewing the archives, I note that there are no documents in this regard signed by either Pope, nor a note of an audience of my predecessor, Cardinal Giovanni-Battista Re, which would have given a mandate to the archbishop emeritus McCarrick to live a private life of silence, with the rigor of canonical penalties..."

Click here to read the rest.

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