Friday, May 14, 2021

Pope Francis' process for investigating accused Catholic bishops clearly requires reform

I agree that lay experts are needed at every level on this because there needs to be a check on the clergy. Furthermore  lay expert involvement should be more than just recommended but instead mandated. Otherwise many bishops will simply ignore the recommendation.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Canon Law - Strict Interpretation Helps Avoid Harshness

A lot of apologist sources like to utilize canon law to push their agendas rather than seek to properly understand the principles of proper interpretation. For this reason, the above article written by a titan in the canon law world can be of aid in correctly understanding how various canons{1} are to correctly be applied.


{1} There is one typo which got missed before publication. Namely, the reference in the article to Canon 925 is actually intended to reference Canon 915. 
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Queen’s speech: voters will need photo ID for general elections

To be blunt, only a complete moron has a problem with voters in an election having to provide photo ID.